What is Supplejack?

Supplejack is a Ruby on Rails platform for managing the harvesting and manipulation of data, typically metadata about collection items. It was originally developed to manage the sourcing of collection metadata for the DigitalNZ aggregation service, and has grown to a platform that can manage millions of records from hundreds of data sources.

Its main purpose is to manage the process of fetching data from remote sources, mapping data to a standard data schema, managing any quality control or enrichment processes, and surfacing the standardised data via a public API. Find out more about its features, review the architecture and join our Google Group.

Introduction to Supplejack

This screencast provides a simple introduction to the basic approach of managing data in Supplejack.


There are currently three different methods available for installing Supplejack

  1. Standard Installation - The best place to start for the manual installation ( suitable for use in production ) is the Installation Walk-through by Example. In addition the production install guide can be found here.

  2. Script Installation - Less control than the Standard Installation but more than the Docker installation method. This is a relatively quick way to get setup if you don’t use Docker but still want to explore Supplejack and get up and running quickly.

Contact us or get involved

We are in the early stages of setting up Supplejack as an open source activity. If you have any questions, or would like to work with us on progressing the stack further, you can reach us at develop@digitalnz.org.

Thanks for your interest!